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Meet The CEO

Tekeydra Lee-Clay is the CEO & Founder of Key Financial & Tax Professionals. From an early age she was made aware the importance of money and financial education. Although she was fortunate enough to know the basics, she witnessed a lack of financial literacy in her community. After successfully mastering and applying this knowledge to her own life, she felt the urge to educate others and break the cycle of poor financial literacy. Tekeydra became a tax preparer and financial advisor in 2011. Shortly afterwards she began her lifelong passion of improving her community. Taking a hands on approach, she began to adopt local elementary schools, host financial workshops mentoring college students at her alma mater, Jackson State University, and provide health services to those in need. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. She has been featured in several local magazines and papers, as well as, being a recipient of numerous awards and certificates. Her motto of helping unlock the door to a better financial future rings true, and she hopes to impact as many lives as possible.

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